Friday, August 30, 2013

End of summer and beginning of another school year

I don't know what possessed the kids to dress up one day, but they thought this was fun to get all dressed up and have their hair done by Mia.  As one last fun thing for the summer, we decided to go to the zoo before school started.  The kids had fun but Brant was a little underwhelmed for his first time to the zoo (he went as a baby but we haven't been back in years).  He went to bear world this summer in Rexburg and I think he thought those animals were much cooler.  He did enjoy the treats and carousel ride.  The rest of the pictures are first day of school pictures.  Mia was excited and a little nervous for middle school but she looked very cute and is now a pro at handling 6th grade.  Mason was very excited about school (mostly to see his friends).  He is excited to have a boy teacher for the first time.  
Mia and I spent a couple of days in Salt Lake having a girls party with some old friends of ours from Denver. Tifani and Payton flew out from Arizona; Stacey and Katelyn drove down from Idaho Falls, Sueann and Abby and Ana drove from Clinton and Monae and Ellana drove from Denver. We all met up at the Hyatt downtown and it didn't take long for us to remember why we all felt like kindred spirits when we were neighbors in Denver. I've missed these girls like crazy since they all moved away and I am so glad that we were able to spend a few days catching up and gabbing like the old days. The girls all warmed up to each other really fast too. There were three 10 year olds and three 8ish year olds. They were all so cute with each other and got along like they did when they were all tiny. I have to say that I didn't envy my parents who had babysitting duty with my boys, but they had fun spending a lot of one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa. Mia and I met up with Mom and Dad and the boys in Provo to visit with Jeff and Karissa for a night and then we picked up Jared the next day at the airport.....

power house, catching a fish, and corbridge reunion

We went to powerhouse for an afternoon and even though Mason tried and tried to catch a fish, it was Paisley that finally caught one. We all kind of freaked out a little because it was such a surprise, but she was so proud of that fish and Brant loved holding it. Also no one thought that I could start a fire but I proved them all wrong by starting one amazing campfire. We roasted hotdogs, marshmellows and even corn on the cob. We spent a weekend in Soda Springs for the Corbridge reunion and had fun on the horses, hayride, trampoline, and Mia went down the slow river in a tube with some cousins of mine. The last picture is the boys getting ready for church.

More summer fun

So much fun with cousins. We spent a few days with Jared's family at the Benedict/Patterson reunion and they had this really fun metal slide that went down the side of a mountain. The kids spent hours climbing up and down this hill. Jared and I played some sand volleyball and it was so nice to spend a few more days with all Jared's family. The rest of these pictures are the kids at swimming lessons and hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's house with the cousins.  Sidenote: the kids found Grandpa in the kiddy pool after a long and hot day of working in the yard, so they joined in.